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With our roots in growing new enterprises, Gildea Communications helps clients build a business where the blueprint for success does not yet exist. We help entrepreneurs understand the critical impact informed marketing can have and we spin limited resources into a world-class presence. For our startups and small business clients we:

  • Identify customer segments most likely to buy and validate the opportunity

  • Develop go-to-market plan and craft the story to attract investor interest

  • Take a limited marketing budget, make a plan, apply it to achieve key objectives, short and long-term

  • Generate leads to support sales to the channel and direct

  • Craft messaging, develop content - write, write and write some more

  • Communicate complex technology in a way that mom or dad can understand

  • Provide counsel to the founders in growing the business and the team

  • Get marketing operations up and running, define profiles to hire talent, identify key players, and support recruitment

  • Outsource the CMO role on a temporary basis


Effective communication of your startup’s credibility, professionalism and leadership is as important to success as having the people and products to back it up.
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