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Who says small businesses hold the keys to innovation and creativity?


We know that the best ideas are often realized through the energy and inspiration of small teams. And small, interdisciplinary teams can thrive in a large enterprise if they receive the right encouragement and direction. When it comes to marketing, Gildea Communications provides services to several large companies that are recognized leaders in their fields. We excel in getting new initiatives underway. Frequently, a marketing campaign targeted to key groups within the organization can be as important to adoption of a new idea as programs that communicate benefits to customers. For our larger clients we provide outside marketing services when internal resources are stretched. We help to:

  • Develop and document marketing plans

  • Support innovation with tactical initiatives that get the best ideas to market

  • Create and deploy content across multiple channels to engage customers and prospects

  • Create materials to support launch of new products and services

  • Develop social media strategy and tactics: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook

  • Get the content mill cranking: websites, newsletters, case studies, blogs, press initiatives, webinars

  • Collaborate with sales executives to unify sales and marketing objectives and develop business development programs that accelerate the sale cycle and motivate sales reps

  • Review and select the right resources for advertising, public relations, direct marketing, SEO

  • Craft internal communications to support the success of new ideas

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