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Bradford Winkler
formerly VP North American Sales
IDEAssociates, Inc.

“As a marketing professional, Nora has that rare ability to develop marketing programs that significantly impact sales success. She excels at creating positive recognition for new products and services and her support enabled my sales organization to compete successfully against many larger, more established industry players, such as IBM and Alcatel. Her keen understanding of the sales process ensured that marketing investments align with business objectives to differentiate the product offering and shorten sales cycles.”

“Gildea Communications helped Ericsson develop a program which allowed our technically-oriented product managers to focus on what customers really want – not necessarily on a features basis but in a way that solves problems in their organizations.”

Leslie Lord
formerly Partnership Development Manager

“Nora has a keen sense of how to position products in emerging markets. She is able to create value propositions for highly technical products that translate into clearly articulated business benefits for customers and prospects. For Oco, she was able to build impressive relationships with the media while operating within a limited budget. Coverage included analyst and industry press as well as major outlets such as the New York Times.”

Peter Sidewater
formerly Marketing Lead

Oco, Inc.

“Nora has the DNA of an entrepreneur and she understands how to work with startup teams.  On a shoestring budget she was able to communicate our unique positioning to multiple constituencies in the sustainable transport space. We relied on her to develop the brand on multiple dimensions: website, video, social media, partnerships, press.  To have our company featured in the Innovation Economy column in the Boston Globe was icing on the cake."

“In a large organization such as ours, the internal marketing campaign for a new initiative is critical to its acceptance and success.  Gildea Communications developed a compelling program with the right messages for each group our new product management approach would touch.”

“In my experience, few marketing programs truly enable sales people to meet their sales goals.  Gildea Communications worked with us to develop a program that created positive recognition with our customers and prospects.  The program helped us to shorten the sales cycle and achieve our quota objectives.”

Steve Mongeau


Mary Lee Storrs
VP Global Investor Services
State Street Corporation


Raymond Hoffer
 Vice President Sales
CPT Software


“Nora is the outsourced CMO, equally effective in small or large companies. She is quick to come up to speed and assess what a company needs in every stage of growth. For larger organizations, she can stabilize and coach the marketing team, particularly in times of change. Her skill set spans the continuum from product management/marketing to marketing communications and business development. With Nora, you’ll get both strategic thinking and flawless tactical execution, a rare combination to find.”

“Identifying the type of prospect most likely to commit to a new and innovative technology was a key to building our initial customer base.  Gildea Communications understands that crucial link between marketing dollars invested and bottom line results.”

“Nora helped orchestrate the most successful new product launch for our company in a decade.  She understood how to position our business analytics software in the crowded business intelligence space and translate that into compelling messaging for press and analysts.  The resulting press coverage was outstanding, both in the US and abroad.”

Susan Penta
Founder and Managing Partner
MIDIOR Consulting


David Page
 Founder and COO
Envoy Worldwide


Amy Groden-Morrison
Director Marketing Communications
Spotfire, Inc.


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